Find well-reasoned solutions to complex problems

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Identify and manage competing priorities like growth, risk, and mission

Host productive disagreements

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The Tools You’ll Gain

Systematic Empathy is a step-by-step method to help individuals slow down their thinking to better understand the logic and context of someone's view.

Argument Mapping disagreements uncovers hidden assumptions, faulty logic, as well as points of connection.

How does it work?

Practice clear, practical thinking using systematic empathy and argument mapping. Develop these skills through discussion, debate, and collaboration with colleagues through one of our live, interactive workshops.

Designed in consultation with ethicists and professional learning experts, sessions are fully immersive and centered on our tried and tested tools. They’re also… fun! Great for groups of 2 to 200 and beyond.

The details

Case Study: Reason about an Ethical Issue

Brands carry social influence and can change our world for better or worse, according to various agendas. Yet, does a brand simply talking about a social or political issue make any difference?For many brands, taking a political stance is understandably a measured risk. While many consumers may want to see brands support the causes they care about, others may be alienated.

Consider one side of this ethical debate by dragging the reasons to their logical place in the map below.
Every argument map must follow the Reason Rule, which says that every claim must give a reason to believe the claim above it. Place the claims on the left in their proper place in the map by following the Reason Rule!